About FIRST Steamworks

Each year the First organisation develops a challenge. FRC teams build robots to complete the challenges of the game in a head-to head 3v3 competition.

The Game Reveal Animation

First Steamworks is the 2017 FRC robotics game. The goal of this steampunk-themed game is to prepare the alliances' airship for take off by collecting fuel balls and delivering them to the boiler. They can also transport gears to the airship and install them (by collecting a certain amount and rotating the gears) in order to make the ship's propellers spin. When all the propellers are moving, the airship is fully operational. Teams can gain points by scoring fuel in the boiler, collecting gears to complete the propellers and climbing aboard the airship before lift off. The boiler has both a high and low goal which are each worth different amounts of points. All this happens during a 2 minute match consisting of 20 seconds of autonomous mode and a teleoperated period of 1 minute and 40 seconds. In most cases, points are higher when the requirement is achieved during autonomous mode. This years game includes many positions for human players (non-robot members of an alliance that participate in the game) including two airship pilots per alliance, the first ever human players to be on the game field.

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