Each year the First organisation develops a challenge. FRC teams build robots to complete the challenges of the game in a head-to head 3v3 competition.

The Game Reveal Animation

For 2018, FRC has introduced FIRST POWER UP. In this game, alliances of three robots are stuck inside a retro arcade game! Teams must collect power cubes and place them in their sides of the switches and/or scale in order to escape. Teams generate 1 point per second for each switch/scale in their possession. Alliances can also trade in their power cubes for exclusive power ups like Boost, which earns you 2 points per second rather than 1 for a total of 10 seconds. Force, which allows your team to take ownership of a switch or scale that isn't currently in your posession for a total of 10 seconds. And finally, Levitate, which allows one robot a free climb at the end of the match. If all the robots on an alliance climb at the end of the match, the alliance challenges the boss (granting them a ranking point). All this happens during a 2 minute match consisting of 20 seconds of autonomous mode and a teleoperated period of 1 minute and 40 seconds. Human Players will be feeding cubes into the field and taking cubes from robots to put in the vault. Finally, a new role has been introduced to the drive team this year known as the Technician, who will act as tech support for their team.

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