Our Sponsors

This page celebrates our sponsors. FIRST Robotics is one of the best learning opportunities available to students, but it is not cheap. Students would not be able to participate without the generous support of our sponsors. You too can support us by making an online donation at Chimp.net or by cheque using this form. For in-kind donations, please contact us. By sponsoring us, you help our students achieve their dreams and become the engineers and inventors of tomorrow. You can also receive exposure via our website, twitter, our robot, our pit and at demonstrations and community events. Click here for more information!

If you know someone who might be interested in sponsoring us, please let us know. The following documents may be used:

Gold Level Sponsors ($5000+)

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Silver Level Sponsors ($2500+)

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Bronze Level Sponsors ($1000+)

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Supporter Level Sponsors ($200+)

Sponsored by:
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