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Be part of an exciting program that helps students across the Kingston area participate in the FIRST Robotics Competition; a unique sporting competition of the mind, designed to help high school students discover the interests and rewards of engineering and science. Each year, in January, a new game is announced. The rules and guidelines change but the challenge does not: build a robot in 6 weeks, and within budget and specifications, to play the game. This is real world engineering.

Our budget for the 2023 season is $30,000. We are funded through sponsorship, fundraising, and participants. We endeavour to keep participant costs as low as possible. FIRST Robotics Competitions provide a unique opportunity to market your brand. In addition to thousands of students at competition, your logo will be:


We invite you to partner with Lake Effect Robotics at one of the following levels. For more information, please see our full sponsorship package

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